Centre management

Are you managing your property optimally?
Our centre managers efficiently and flexibly deal with your tenants’ day-to-day needs. However, making sure that operations run smoothly is no guarantee for a busy trade in the long term. In an increasingly competitive environment, shopping centres have to be independent and stand out. A profitable shopping environment means strong overall performance that brings in customers.

In dialogue with tenants and clients, we design a great shopping experience, for instance through targeted public relations work. We also offer:   

  • Continuous tenant support
  • Development and optimisation of the industry mix
  • Dynamic marketing and leasing of spaces
  • Targeted customer contact through marketing and PR
  • Event management
  • Creation and management of advertising associations
  • Maintenance of contact with authorities and other stakeholders
  • Customer surveys
  • Supervision of business and technical property management

We make sure that tenants and clients have one common denominator.